Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back in Our Pod

Big B and I are finally back in our little pod!  I say finally because we had a horrible time getting back.  Our day went as follows:

11:00am - leave resort for the hour and a half drive to the airport
12:30pm - as we check-in they tell us that our flight is about an hour delayed and that we will more than likely miss our connecting flight to Seattle
7:45pm - land and unload plane
7:50pm - RUN through terminal to get to "Passport Control"
7:58pm - get in line at "Passport Control"
8:04pm - RUN to baggage claim
8:14pm - get to baggage re-check area and are told that we will not make it to our 8:45pm flight and that we must re-book for a flight the next day.  get in line to do so.
9:09pm - reach the re-book desk, find out our flight ended up not leaving until 9pm and that we need to be back at the airport the next morning at 4:30am for our 6:20am flight to Dallas
3:30am - wake up!! (people back home were posting about the Mariner's game still going on)
4:00am - catch shuttle back to airport (10 minute ride)
4:25am - customer service rep tells me to have some patience after no one helps four of us standing in line and I ask a question
4:40am - finally get checked in
6:25am - pilot comes on to tell us that we have to wait for maintenance because they unhooked the tow bar wrong
7:00am - finally cleared for take-off
9:15am - land in Dallas
10:40am - first time all trip that we haven't had a delay on a flight and we take off close to our scheduled time
12:45pm - HOME!!!!!!!

Now I know that when we first got to the airport that they told us that we probably wouldn't make it but there was no effort by the staff in Miami to get us on the plane.  Even when the plane was delayed by 15 minutes no one asked if there was anyone in line who was supposed to be on the plane!  When we got to the re-booking desk the agent never apologized, in fact no one except for the pilot who had to tell us that the tow bar unhooking was done wrong ever said sorry for the delays.  The airline did pay for us to stay overnight in a hotel and gave us dinner and breakfast vouchers but they could have saved themselves some money by just putting us on the dang plane!

The good news is that we did get home and we're finally settling back into daily life.  Big B went back to work on Thursday and I start classes on Monday!

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