Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cleaning Bug

We're three weeks into married life and although it hasn't been hard it hasn't been easy either. The good news is that we're adjusting well! We've both lived alone so sleeping in the same bed has been our biggest challenge. He's got a black eye and I've got a bruise on my shin but love hurts sometimes right?

Besides the sleeping portion the other big adjustment is our individual cleaning styles.  Big B is very neat and tidy ALL the time.  I on the other hand have a more lax style.  My approach is that if it is going to bring bugs or is unsanitary that it needs to be done right away but clothes can sit on the largest shelf in the house (the floor) until you get the bug to do it.

Needless to say, my side of our bedroom has been driving Big B absolutely nutzo.  Luckily for him the cleaning bug hit me today and so I tackled the huge pile of folded and partially folded clothes on the floor.  I also tackled the dining room table that I haven't seen the top of since we brought it into the house, the kitchen sink and our growing mass of laundry!

Minus his Ferrari flag missing from the dining room table he was a happy husband!  I of course feel like a good wife and I'm pretty sure that he won't be so against me not having to work every once and awhile!

This week we're looking forward to the end of summer camp (woooohoooo!), our first Saturday of football season and a lesson in rally car driving! 

Lil' B & Big B

Who the heck are we?

I guess the first post should explain who we are...

I'm Lil' B and my husband is Big B.  We are exactly 1 foot shorter/taller than eachother!
We got married August 4, 2012!
We live in the Pacific Northwest.
We are not "granola" but we do have a Subaru!
I'm currently a student studying Occupational Therapy Assisting and Big B is the service advisor for an auto repair shop.
We have a motorcycle and we ride it as often as the weather allows.
I can cook but I am a way better baker.
Big B loves all music except country so it's kind of funny that I LOVE country!

We're doing this blog to document our married life and to share with our family and friends.  Come along and join in the fun!

All our Love,
Lil' B & Big B