Saturday, September 15, 2012

Honeymoon - Day 5

The past three days Big B and I have been hanging out at the beach and then coming into the pool for a late afternoon swim.  It's been amazing!  The views are straight out of a picture book and we are soaking them in!

On our first whole day here we did an "orientation" so that we could get the feel of the resort and not feel like we were going to get lost every time we left our room.  They told us that if we could only do one excursion that the Simon Says Tour was the best one to do.  We took their advice and booked and LOVED it!  We left the hotel at 9am.

Went by Castries, their current capital.

Puttered around Marigot Bay.

Stopped to get some pictures in front of the Pitons.

After pictures we went to Anse Chastanat and I went snorkeling for my first time!  I was really nervous but ended up having a blast!

Our next stop was Soufriere where we got off the boat and into "buses".  The buses took us up to the drive in volcano and from there we walked to the mud bath.  We had the option to take a dip or have the 100 degree water splashed on us.  Big B and I stuck our toes in and then went for the splashing.

After our mud bath we proceeded to Simon's "restaurant".  It's really just a building that he uses for his tour and his wife makes the meal.  We had salad, rice and peas (I'm pretty sure they were beans), noodles, macaroni and cheese and chicken.  Hands down, it was the best meal that we've had so far.  I am a super picky eater but everything was so delicious!  I'd do the tour all over again just to have the food!

Our last stop on the tour was a waterfall in another part of Soufriere.  It was so refreshing to get in and feel rejuvenated after a steamy mud bath and delicious food.  I've never stood under a real waterfall so I was ecstatic!

They're local beer here is called Piton so it was only fitting to have a Piton beer as we sailed away from the Pitons.

We leave here in three days and we're dreading it, BUT at least it looks like we'll be coming home to warm weather!  Yay for not too much of a weather shock!

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