Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rewind - Fast Forward!

I feel so bad for how long it has been since I posted - over a year!  And so much has happened, so lets rewind and then fast forward for what's coming up!

February 2013 - I get rear-ended on the freeway!  I'm on my way to my clinical when an F350 barrels into my little Celica.  I have some major whiplash, the Celica is totaled and my whole course of clinicals are changed because the doctor puts limitations on lifting.  I end up in a hand therapy clinical instead of a skilled nursing facility.

Poor Cece the Celica!  All smashed in!

 June 2013 - I graduated!  I now have a degree as an Occupational Therapy Assistant and accepted a position in hand therapy after finishing my second clinical.  It's not a field that many COTAs get to practice in so I am loving everything that I am learning!

Graduated with honors!
September 2013(Labor Day Weekend) - We bought a house!  Big B and I started looking seriously in May/June and were excited when we found a house that met our joint criteria and was so easy to close on.  It is completely remodeled on the inside so our money can go to more crafts for me!

So excited about our first house!
(Note that we fixed Cece because she is such an awesome car!  30 MPG how do you beat that?)
September 2013 (10 days after we moved) - Big B gets hit on his motorcycle!  This was probably the scariest moment in our marriage so far but luckily he escaped with minor cuts and bruises.  The real damage was to the bike and sadly this means that there will be no motorcycle rides anytime soon *tear*.

The bike was totaled but my honey escaped with cuts and bruises!
October 2013 - We buy a new car!  With the money Big B received from his accident we decide to finally get me a new car.  I convince Brian that we should invest in a good family car and we find my 4Runner in the dark blue that I love!

Our reliable family car!
October 2013 (2 weeks later) - We're pregnant!  Total surprise as we wanted to wait a few more months but we are overjoyed to find out that there is a bun in the oven!  We announce to all of our family and friends at Thanksgiving that our bundle of joy is expected July 2, 2014

This was obviously recent and not when we found out but I just love this photo!
Between October and now there really hasn't been much excitement as I've been too tired to do much of anything.  I've crafted here and there and once I've completely finished the nursery I promise I'll post photos!  I made bumpers (yes I know they're not recommended but they won't be used when she's in there), I've painted furniture, I've decorated and recently I made a car seat canopy.  With the nesting instinct happening as we speak I've decided to pick this back up and am committed to blogging more often!  So let's fast forward a bit now!

Ready to POP! - I promise I'll finish the blog about Harriet's baby shower in the next week and share that with you.  It turned out so cute and I'm quite sad that I haven't posted all the pictures and what not!

Sneak Peek!
Car Seat Canopy - I'm starting a second canopy and will be documenting so that I can post a tutorial on here for you!  Here's a sneak peek of how the first one turned out!

Isn't it cute?!?!
Baby A - When Baby A finally arrives I will be sharing some helpful tips as I go along and other projects I do while I'm on my 12 weeks of maternity leave!